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Do you have what it takes to fly
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DONT YOU JUDGE ME! :iconultraangryplz:


... So, yeah...

I haven't been online cause I've been kind of... Roleplaying... non stop... I haven't drawn in over a month...

... WoW has taken over my life! AGGGHHH!!! SEND HELP! XD

Oh well, how have all you beautiful people been?


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Devon Payne
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United States

For those of who who don't know me, I am a hobbyist artist with my head always in the creative clouds XD. Dreaming big is what I do, and It's what I'll always do. After all, "One does not get anywhere in life by dreaming small" a personal quote of mine, one which still lingers in my mind today, and one with I still live up to.

I'm thinking about going to school her soon as well. Once I move back into the city that is. It'll be some cheap community collage... universities and the well known ones are too freaking expensive to both go to AND pay rent. A shame that people fall into that trap though. University and such really isn't all THAT much better than community collage. The only thing it offers if reputation. Education? Pretty much the same all around. As far as I know that is. Oh, but what am I doing. I'm talking about myself, not ranting XD.

If you take a gander at my many favorites, You'll find a vast assortment of things. Though, what most predominately shows is my love of fantasy, video games, and furries. You look deeper, and you may even find out I'm a bit of a "brony"... ugh... that word as so much negative stigma attached to it that I don't like identifying as one... but whatever. If you guys think I'm some sexual deviant that looks at furry and pony porn above everthing else... well, you're wrong. But you won't believe me when I say that because you're too busy being a victim of "Confirmation bias" ...One of the many psychological phenomena that keeps us from being free-thinking human beings.

Really all I am is a person who appreciates the classic cartoon style of anthropomorphizing animals, and enjoys the show MLP. No sexual reasoning attached to it whatsoever.

LOL! I just pulled psychology on you guys XD. Well, that's because psychology has been a topic that fascinates me. I might even go to school for it... you know, on top of storyboard artistry, animation, story creation, and possibly acting. ... there's a crap ton I want to do with my life XD. But that's okay. Keeping your options open is a great habit to practice. I would be happy with a career in any of these fields.

Just as much as I am an artist, I am also a writer. Though I may be down towards novice level when it comes to both, I am always striving to make myself better so that one day I'll be the best I can be :D. Any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism would be greatly appreciated, as I am always looking for it. I am currently writing a book actually. It's called "Sacred Warriors" and it takes place in a world which I have created with :iconflamewhirlwind176: . Any details of this place are too complex for me to describe in a bio so... I'm not going to write them down here, but, If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note. I would be glad to tell you about complex fantasy/sifi lore XD. Though, I do have a lot of it in some of my deviations.

Things you might want to know about me

Age: 19
:bulletblue: Sexuality: Straight (possibly the only one left in existance XD JK)
:bulletblue: Height: About 6'0"
:bulletblue: Weight: 130lbs (good grief I'm skinney)
:bulletblue: Blood type: ... IDK
:bulletblue: Any sort of issues: Asthma, Alergies, possibally ADD or ADHD though that has not been diagnosed as of yet.
:bulletblue: Religious Preference: Agnostic

You can also find me on:



Anyway guys, AWUUUUUuuuu and I look forward to seeing you all later!

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... You know... I was going to talk to you about that, and how a lot of it was grossly over-exaggerated. But I got busy XD
FlameWhirlwind Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
well it's too fuckin' late now so ssssssssh XD
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