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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Devon Payne18/Male/United States Group :iconkaida-dragon-riders: Kaida-Dragon-Riders
Do you have what it takes to fly
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DONT YOU JUDGE ME! :iconultraangryplz:


That is all XD
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Devon Payne
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States

For those of who who don't know me, I am a hobbyist artist with my head always in the creative clouds XD. Dreaming big is what I do, and It's what I'll always do. After all, "One does not get anywhere in life by dreaming small" a personal quote of mine, one which still lingers in my mind today, and one with I still live up to.

As it stands right now, I am planning on becoming a storyboard artist, animator, or writer sometime in the future. How am I going to accomplish this? Well, I have a big long plan in my head. First, I'm going to join the airforce for four years. Here, I plan on doing a fair bit of either computer programming, engineering, or graphic's design. IDK, that depends on how well I do on my ASVAB test. ^^; NO! Must, remain, optimistic! I will do well on them, I'm fairly certain of it. Anyways, after four years of service, the military pays for your collage... Good thing too. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to pay for it period XD. Once I am at that level, I will head over to an Arts Institute to study the career fields I'm planning on going into for the rest of my life.

If you take a gander at my many favorites, You'll find that I'm a big fan of the Zelda Games, A Commited Brony, and find that I really like anthropomorphic animals... especially if their hot and female XD ... though, that probably wasn't the best thing to say online... Meh, whatever XD

Just as much as I am an artist, I am also a writer. Though I may be down towards novice level when it comes to both, I am always striving to make myself better so that one day I'll be the best I can be :D. Any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism would be greatly appreciated, as I am always looking for it. I am currently writing a book actually. It's called "Sacred Warriors" and it takes place in a world which I have created with :iconflamewhirlwind176: . Any details of this place are too complex for me to describe in a bio so... I'm not going to write them down here, but, If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note. I would be glad to tell you about complex fantasy/sifi lore XD. Though, I do have a lot of it in some of my deviations.

Things you might want to know about me

Age: 18
:bulletblue: Sexuality: Straight (possibly the only one left in existance XD JK)
:bulletblue: Height: About 5'11"
:bulletblue: Weight: 130lbs (good grief I'm skinney)
:bulletblue: Blood type: ... IDK
:bulletblue: Any sort of issues: Asthma, Alergies, possibally ADD or ADHD though that has not been diagnosed as of yet.
:bulletblue: Religious Preference: Christian. However I tend to be more open minded about other ideas, unlike some other Christians (No offence to you Fundamentalists.)

You can also find me on:


Anyway guys, AWUUUUUuuuu and I look forward to seeing you all later!

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HEY! Nothing Much, Just trying to figure out how to use my grandmothers scanner... so I can post my cover art concepts on here XD
MirandaEscalante Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
X3 I need a scanner, too. It's so often that I'll get my hands in the picture or something...
Darkwolfthelycan Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL, I'm not anywhere near a photographer, so all the pictures I take turn out blurry and sloppy looking XD
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... wow... let's face it, realisticly, that's how It'd go in the Zelda universe XD.
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Yup XD
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